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The inside of the Ladays menstrual panty is made of 3 different fabrics.

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The 100% cotton draining veil is in contact with the skin and mucous membranes. The flow is drained to the lower layer and the blood does not stay in contact with the skin, which prevents any feeling of humidity.

The antibacterial and odor-resistant fabric, made of bamboo, absorbs flow. Bamboo promotes the evaporation of moisture and perspiration: the blood is therefore well kept inside the panties for the day. We chose bamboo because it is used for making dressings and other medical linens. There are no nanoparticles in our panties.

The third fabric is waterproof, absorbent and breathable. It retains the blood and above all, it prevents leaks. It is made of polyester and cotton.

The fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified | STANDARD 100. Provenant de fournisseurs en Europe. Rigorous selection work has been carried out to choose trusted suppliers.

A woman spends an average of € 5 per month for periodic protection, or around € 300 over 5 years (not counting accidents involving damaged panties)

With period panties, the expense over the same period is € 90 for the purchase of three panties on average. So 210 € savings in 5 years.

Between 130 and 150 kg of periodic protection (tampons, towels, applicators) are thrown in the trash by every woman in their life. Ladays panties can be kept for at least 5 years, which means less waste.

Put on Ladays period panties in the morning and enjoy the day. It is worn until 12 noon depending on the flow and the day in question (Day 2 and 3 often more abundant). In the evening, no leakage or feeling of humidity. Remove the panties and rinse them with cold water then machine them at 30 ° C or finish washing them by hand with soap. Washing is identical to other underwear.

Yes ! The fabrics chosen, both efficient and fine. The panties are less than 2mm thick.

It is not necessary and it is not the point. Thanks to its absorption capacity, Ladays period panties can be worn on their own each day of your period. If the flow is heavy on some days, use a tampon or other protection in addition to the Ladays period panties.

The Ladays period panty captures odors and makes them disappear. The bamboo it is made of kills bacteria and eliminates odors. In addition, bamboo promotes the evaporation of moisture. Thanks to the absorbent fabric, which in addition to preventing leaks, is breathable. Body heat can be easily dissipated. Thus, there is no maceration.

Ladays period panties have the same lifespan as regular panties. There is no expiration date, but its effectiveness decreases after 300 washes. In other words, if we consider that we wear it once a day, for 5 days of menstruation, 12 times a year, we therefore have a lifespan of 5 years. This duration depends, of course, on the way to take care of your underwear and the number of days worn.

The clothing workshop is in Europe. The fabrics come from Europe.

The inside of the Ladays menstrual panty is made of 100% cotton and does not attack the mucous membranes.

The fabrics are OEKO-TEX STD 100 certified. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your gynecologist.

Yes, the “sporty” is specially designed for the practice of a sporting activity. Always with the same absorbent and antibacterial fabrics, and a wider elastic for better hold during movements.

After use, rinse the panties with cold water, until the water runs clear. Then wash it by hand or in the machine on the “Delicate” program (preferably in a laundry bag), without adding fabric softener, at 30 ° c. The blood does not stain the rest of the laundry and goes very well in the washing machine. For bladder leaks or incontinence, Ladays can wash without problem at 60 ° C.

Then dry it in the open air, without strong heat (do not use a tumble dryer, hair dryer or radiator as this will damage the waterproof fabric).

Preferably use ecological products and the most neutral for the skin, paraben-free, fragrance-free. The least oily possible (avoid Marseille soap, black soap …) because after several washes, this type of soap saturates the absorbent fibers and clogs the pores of breathable textiles.

Yes, you can stay seated in class or at the office without any problem and for the day. The menstrual panty has a waterproof fabric specially designed for this case.

Yes, the absorbent part goes up to mid-buttock at the back and above the lip line at the front. The feeling of not having your period is very comfortable and allows you to sleep well. The “nighty” is specially designed for the night, where the absorbent part is all the more extensive.

The Ladays brief was designed for the rules. But it is also suitable for light urine leakage.

Yes ! Ladays panties can be used for postpartum bleeding. Several users have done so with satisfaction.

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