Why do you get fat during your period?

Some people have stomach aches or headaches when they have their period. In others, hormonal acne breakouts or nausea.

Why does your weight vary during menstruation? This is not totally a weight gain but rather a change in your body weight which can therefore drop back to normal once thecycle is completed .

There are two reasons: hormones and appetite. Indeed, the hormone level fluctuates according to the period of the cycle.

Hormones can cause fluid retention. Which gives the impression of being inflated but it is only water. And appetite, which increases sharply during your period. Therefore, along with water retention, your hormones naturally cause you to switch to caffeine (this is the most tiring time of the month), sweet, and very salty foods. Stay reasonable, listen to your body and its needs without going into all that is “too fatty, too sweet, too salty”. In short, continue to eat a balanced diet.

what to eat during menstruation?

stomach ache and eating during menstruation: what are the symptoms?

How not to gain weight during your period?

Retaining water is not inevitable. There are many ways to overcome it, or at least reduce it. The priority is to drink a lot of water, even if it may seem counterintuitive. The body is 65-70% water. One third is located outside the cells (extracellular fluid), either in the plasma (blood vessels) or between the interstitial fluid (cells). Other is in the intracellular fluid (cells).

Water retention has many causes, and varies from person to person. They can even be accumulated in a single person. Thus, the act of drinking prevents a possible lack of water. Drinking also helps to reduce or even eliminate water retention.

Besides this, it is important to maintain a physicalactivity (walking, cycling, yoga). By practicing a sport, you circulate your blood and oxygenate your muscles, which in turn helps eliminate excess water.

Gaining weight during periods: it’s also in the head

During menstruation, you are more easily irritable and more sensitive , because of hormones. So you can have a distorted image of yourself and judge yourself too harshly when you are not. As a result, you find yourself getting fatter while your weight has remained the same.

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